En Lanun & I decided to invite our neighbours & friends that lived a couple blocks away to our house the day before yesterday. So I've been cooking from morning until maghrib, stopped only because we run out of gas. Gosh, I never thought i'd be that tired. Cooking is one thing, Balqis is another thing. She's so energetic that I almost lost my patience. But alhamdulillah I managed, hardly. I prepared nasi himpit, masak lodeh, chicken rendang, sambal goreng ikan bilis and baked chocolate cake. All of them came, we chatted & getting know of each other because before this we just met unformally, raising hands if we saw them infront of their house. Alhamdulillah all our neighbours are very kind & we changed phone numbers, just incase. The last one left the house at 11.15 pm. And now I started to noticed the backache, the legs, the neck, every part of my body is strained. maybe because I never hosted anything like this before, and maybe I did it all by myself ( En lanun had 2 sorties that day and came home only 6.45 pm) but I'm just glad it was over, succesfully.
Am proud of my self :)

a bit dusty in here, sorry. haven't got the time & the tool to get connected to the internet since I left our laptop at kg. When En lanun got back to Manjung for his duty, I didn't follow him since it's only the 2nd day of raya so we thought Balqis & I stay at Melaka for a little while but so many things came up that he couldn't make it back here for at least another 3 weeks, I had to back by bus. It's impossible to bring everything- Balqis stroller's, walker's & everythings elses, I just packed in this & that. Took a bus to Klang, then took a taxi to get to lanun's sis at Meru Indah. He drove from Manjung after Jumaat prayer & arrived at 3.30 pm. Little I know how much I miss him :) With the laptop left, and the other laptop was having some problem with the screen- it went blank- nothing much I can do but wait until we go back home. But last night En lanun 'hacked' the laptop, and voila! It's fixed! So now I can continue my writing again.
Balqis is 7 months plus, lasak giler =p she has mastered the crawling phase so well & are now climbing everything that is higher than the floor, really it's tiring running for her all the time, afraid that she would fall when she got off balance ( she did actually, 2-3 times banging her head to the floor or the table ) but at the same time I feel thrilled and can't wait for her to walk. I know, people say when they walk then there are more problems but at least she can enjoy everything outside without having me to hold her all along.
Not cooking today, gonna attend 1 open house at 3 pm today. yummy yummy :)