I can't stop thinking about my house at Manjung. I don't think I can survive any longer here. Doesn't matter I'm at my own folks house at Umbai or at my in-laws house at Klebang, it's all the same- it's not my house. So after this weekend I planned to go back to Manjung, by hook or by crook. I know En lanun won't like this but I'll try to mkae him understand my situation.

En lanun is going to be placed at Teluk Sepanggar for a month starting this friday so last week he took me back to Melaka. Pity him, had to be alone at home this week but he's sitting for an exam this week so I hope that'll keep him busy. Still I hope I got any call regarding the job I applied coz if that's the case I'll took a bus to get back to Manjung.
Miss him a lot, as usual. Calls & smses & mmses unlimited. The bill's going to be sky high this month :)

I've already got my 2nd wedding anniversary present- a new all automatic washing machine!! I'm so excited, I thought I can go on washing & washing until there's nothing to be washed =p actually we had a semi-automatic washing machine but the spin part is not working so it's really frustating to do the laundry on not-so-clear day. The damp clothes won't be dried even if I hung it up really early in the morning and even on a hot day, only half of it are dry. So En lanun thought it's about time we buy a new one :) love you honey!!
my dear friend azie sent me the pictures of iera's wedding. She looked pretty in her wedding suit, glowing & so happy. one of the picture really touched me- it was the 5 all of my bestest friends during my school days, and even until now. I'm the only one that was absent that day. I didn't know that all of them were coming that day, nobody tells me. maybe they don't want to make me feel bad. but i already feel bad. too bad i was isolated alone here, far away from the civilization (really, it was that bad ) and the only chance to see all my friends was blewn away. I don't know when am I gonna see them again, just hope I'll still have a chance.

So bored out of my skull. Am so nervous waiting for any news about my application for this particular job at Lumut. It has been closed last Saturday but until now there's still no result and I didn't know if they have made a shortlist of all the 213 applications. Guess there are many other people need this job as much as I do. So I tried to keep myself busy- I cleaned the house upstairs & downstairs, ironed clothes, kempt my lawn, but still unable to get my mind out of it. Terpaksalah tunggu je dia panggil nanti..