As you can see at the ticker up there, Balqis is turning one in 8 days. We planned to celebrate her 1st birthday with our family at Melaka and since we are going home this weekend, we'll have it this week. I'll put some of the pictures here, promise :)
This morning a man from Majlis Perbandaran Manjung called out from my gate asking how'd I like the tree infront of my house to be- trim it a little or just cut it out, flat. It's getting higher and bushy and it's getting in the way of the TNB's lamp post & the wires, it's very dangerous if the tree fall and tripped on the wires. Anyway, since my neighbour's door was closed that's why they asked me and I said just cut it all, like me & my husband always talked about. After they did cut the tree, I felt a little bit guilty and selfish because I really should make that decision with them first and now the tree is gone, it's really gonna get hot in the evening without the tree as the shield before this. Well, what's done is done, nothing much I can do about it except apologize later this evening.
But am I glad to see the tree gone now! I don't have to sweep the dry leaves that fell off everyday at my lawn. We'll plant other tree after this, maybe :)

last night my new next door neighbour held a small feast as a homecoming so they invited me and my husband but en lanun was on duty yesterday so he couldn't make it. I went with Balqis ( of coz ) and just in time before they performed solat hajat. After that we cited Yassin and tahlil. Alhamdulillah, I prayed for their safety & happiness in their new home.

Chatted with my old school mate Iera and she told me one big news- she's getting married next month!! Alhamdulillah...It's about time you do that, buddy :) So insya Allah I'll be there maybe with my husband or with Muni ( she's my old mate & a navy too ) if my husband can't make it. I'll be there buddy, you cam count on me :) won't miss the opportunity to see you on the dias :)

We have 2 lampans fish and they grew bigger and bigger, so the small aquarium we bought when we first start this hobby couldn't hold them any longer, so my husband decided it's time we get a new and bigger tank for them. And big it is- about the length of my hand from one end to the other end. And we bought 2 new fishes namely tegas. It's a bit like kelah, maybe the pattern on their body is a bit different. The 2 new fishes joined the old school- 2 lampan, carp, 2 sepat emas, 1 dragon fish, 2 sebarau and 2 new fish we bought last 2 weeks that has orange & black stripe on their body with mouth like a rat. No, really they looked like rat's mouth. I'll try to upload their pic here, later.