It's already the 5th day of hari raya, and I just have the time to check my email & write something here. Firstly, let me wish you all Selamat hari raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir batin.. Hope you got the cards I sent, and to those I didn't send, it must because I ran out of cards to send to you. This year it's my turn so I had the chance to helped my mother with the preparations, cooking & decorating the house amidst the chous with Balqis.
During the first day of hari raya as usual after performing the Aidilfitri prayer we gathered at the living room & asking forgiveness to each other. After that we went to my grandma's house, and then to 4-5 other houses- all of them are the 'must-go', meaning we went there every year. En Lanun, Balqis & me all wearing new clothes of the same color- maroon. After that we went back home, rest a bit and after Zohor we gent to my neighbours' houses. Since they all are my relatives so of courses have to go & bring En lanun so that they'll know my hubby & daughter. We have to be hurry because en lanun only have 2 days off, he have to go back to lumut to work. So we specified the first hari raya for my side and the next day for his side. He went back at 2 am and arrived safely at 6 am.
He came back yesterday and planned to complete visiting our relatives when he got one call from the ops room saying there's one ops today. Since he's already on his way back, he decided to come home first, and this morning after sending me to my folks home, he drove back to lumut at 8 am. Pity him.. I didn't go along since he'll go for a week sailing next tuesday.

Alhamdulillah... due to the hazy weather the ops was cancelled until further notice..he he...

Had bread for sahur this morning.
Didn't cook last night, since we had an invitation from En lanun's friend to break fast at his house ( which is just 1 block away from our house ) and after that we chatted until 9.30 pm. Arrived home we ate the cocktail castard pudding I made the other day before. Very delicious, albeit that it's my first time making it from the recipe I found on the net.

En lanun is going to go for an ops next week and he's going on board of the ship for a week. *sigh* going to miss him, it'll be the longest week in my life. It must be dull without him, since I'm so used having him around. He's expected to finish his conversion early next year, and then he'll be assigned to any ship. Then he'll be on sailing frequently, about a month or two. Maybe that's the best time for me to start looking for a job. What else should I do all day? Better find something so that my time is not wasted.
The electricity bill arrived yesterday. We managed to cut it down until RM20 less! Wow, that's really an accomplishment, I'd say :) At first we turned on almost all lamps in the house, inside & outside therefore the bill were sky-high. Now that we knew the trick, we just open a few ( actuall only one *giggles* ) to save electricity. Alhamdulillah...
Now that we are coming to the 3rd week of Ramadhan, I felt almost sad because it passed so quick, whereas my ibadat is still so - so. I don't feel the feel like my previous Ramadhan. Maybe because this time I had a baby, I can't go to the mosque to perform terawih, instead just did it myself at house. Tried to cite Quran as much as I could, yet it never feel enough.
Balqis also can taste the difference- her breastfeeding time lately has been cut short, must be cause the taste of the milk is different. Poor my baby, she's always hungry but nothing much I can do because she refused to drink from the bottle. So I just give her water with kurma, aside from her daily meal. That's why she breastfeed a lot at night, like a revenge :p
This is the image on my desktop. The picture of Balqis that make you go, aawwww...

Aa....saw that ticker I created for Balqis up there? it's free from so do visit that website if you wanted to create a cute reminder of ur children's birthday or to count your due date etc.
Took Balqis to the clinic for her monthly inspection. She's weighted 7.7 kg, and according to the nurse she's very healthy and gave me some tips how to prepare her meals, now that she's ready with solid food. I blended some rice with ikan bilis then I cooked it like the way we make porridge, adding some cooking oil to give it more flavour. But if I'm out of stock ( usually I blended a lot & keep it in the refrigerator for next time ) I'll just feed her nestum. So far she took her meal not seriously, I'm the one whom more excited than she is :) after 4-5 small spoonfed, she will reject them and cried so that I'll give up and breastfeeding her. It's better that none, because at this stage we just want to introduce her to different taste & teaching her to eat.