visited my old website and saw some of the jobs I designed when I worked before. Some of them are my own projects which I was being conned ( the company never paid me ) but it never bored me to sit infront of the computer and design yet another one. It makes me powerful, playing with the tools and after spending hours and hours on the canvas, seeing the end result is always cheer me up. NNot that I'll be satisfied for the first time, even though my boss said it's very good I'll always find some lame excuse to do more and more. So I've been thinking to moved some of them to my fotopages so that I can share them with you. check it out soon, ok?

Cooked nasi lemak for lunch today,special request from En lanun. Chatted with my old friend Ben from incubator where I used to worked- he's engaged now ( don't know when ) and planned to have the wedding this year. So I suggested 070707 and he said his fiancee also wanted that date and asked RM7777 as the dowry :) goodluck finding that money!! ha ha... he must be freaked put if he read this.
Still no reply from that job I applied yesterday. Call me stupid or laugh at me, but I've already imagined how my life is going to changed rapidly if I get the job- how I have to wake up at 5 am to cooked, getting ready for worked, send my baby to the nanny, En lanun dropped me off at the jetty ( it's not like I can't drive myself but parking there is quite costly so it's better that way ) and boarded the boat to get to my workplace ( I think it's a hotel because they asked if we have any experience in hotel management. I don't, but we all have been to hotels before so I guess I can tell a bit about it ). After that I took the boat again back to Lumut, En lanun has already waiting to pick me up, stopped by the nanny's house to pick Balqis and back to our home.. home sweet home! Of course I have cooked so what's left is get refreshed and reheat the food, we are ready for dinner!
Ok, too simple & easy you think? I know it's not as simple as it sounds but at least that's what I have in mind. I may not have enough time for myself, or for Balqis and my husband but I really want to work, it's a risk I'm willing to take. Many women has done this so why it has to be different for me? If they can do it, so am I. I am challenging my self. Bring it on, baby!

What a boring day. Nothing interesting to watch on Astro today. En Lanun is on duty today so he's won't be at home until tomorrow morning, then he has one sortie at 11 am after that so he'll coming back maybe at 2 pm. arrghhh... bosan ya amat. Keep doing the same thing over & over again. Saw 1 job ad as human resource @ Pulau pangkor so I applied. I've always wanted to go there but the time is never right- I'm pregnant before, then the baby is still small. She's almost 11 months now, guess I can get my plan back on track. I have to do something for my self, or else I'll end up burnt myself uselessly. Mak already said if I wanted to go for an interview just told her, she'll come over & help me with Balqis. I know the right place for a wife is right at home with her husband & children but this is just an exceptional. With our current finance situation, I couldn't afford just staying at home. Not now.

Esok CNY. En lanun had a long weekend until Tuesday so we decided to get home for the holidays. Plus he had a reunion for his old school- Teknik Bukit Piatu, Melaka.