En Lanun & I decided to invite our neighbours & friends that lived a couple blocks away to our house the day before yesterday. So I've been cooking from morning until maghrib, stopped only because we run out of gas. Gosh, I never thought i'd be that tired. Cooking is one thing, Balqis is another thing. She's so energetic that I almost lost my patience. But alhamdulillah I managed, hardly. I prepared nasi himpit, masak lodeh, chicken rendang, sambal goreng ikan bilis and baked chocolate cake. All of them came, we chatted & getting know of each other because before this we just met unformally, raising hands if we saw them infront of their house. Alhamdulillah all our neighbours are very kind & we changed phone numbers, just incase. The last one left the house at 11.15 pm. And now I started to noticed the backache, the legs, the neck, every part of my body is strained. maybe because I never hosted anything like this before, and maybe I did it all by myself ( En lanun had 2 sorties that day and came home only 6.45 pm) but I'm just glad it was over, succesfully.
Am proud of my self :)