What a boring day. Nothing interesting to watch on Astro today. En Lanun is on duty today so he's won't be at home until tomorrow morning, then he has one sortie at 11 am after that so he'll coming back maybe at 2 pm. arrghhh... bosan ya amat. Keep doing the same thing over & over again. Saw 1 job ad as human resource @ Pulau pangkor so I applied. I've always wanted to go there but the time is never right- I'm pregnant before, then the baby is still small. She's almost 11 months now, guess I can get my plan back on track. I have to do something for my self, or else I'll end up burnt myself uselessly. Mak already said if I wanted to go for an interview just told her, she'll come over & help me with Balqis. I know the right place for a wife is right at home with her husband & children but this is just an exceptional. With our current finance situation, I couldn't afford just staying at home. Not now.