I've already got my 2nd wedding anniversary present- a new all automatic washing machine!! I'm so excited, I thought I can go on washing & washing until there's nothing to be washed =p actually we had a semi-automatic washing machine but the spin part is not working so it's really frustating to do the laundry on not-so-clear day. The damp clothes won't be dried even if I hung it up really early in the morning and even on a hot day, only half of it are dry. So En lanun thought it's about time we buy a new one :) love you honey!!
my dear friend azie sent me the pictures of iera's wedding. She looked pretty in her wedding suit, glowing & so happy. one of the picture really touched me- it was the 5 all of my bestest friends during my school days, and even until now. I'm the only one that was absent that day. I didn't know that all of them were coming that day, nobody tells me. maybe they don't want to make me feel bad. but i already feel bad. too bad i was isolated alone here, far away from the civilization (really, it was that bad ) and the only chance to see all my friends was blewn away. I don't know when am I gonna see them again, just hope I'll still have a chance.


Wanda said...

Good words.