This is my 100th post in this blog, which I started some time in 2006. Teman pun tak sangka dapat bertahan selama ini sebab yelah, nk online pun susah inikan pula nak duduk mengarang entah apa2 he he. Tapi alhamdulillah... it's a good thing for me to have at least little control over my own life, which I have no regrets and even though being a housewife is not as glamorous as other jobs in this world, I think I've work as hard (if not double ) as any working women out there and I even have extra points- I've got to be with my kids 24/7 and ask any working woman with kids, that's the only thing that they hope they can do more, to spend more time with their children. So when I felt a little low, when the kids disobey me or do things that they are not suppose to do I'll just take a deep breath and remind myself how lucky I am to be there to see them grow, to be able to 'mould' them to be the person I hope they will be when they grow up. Otherwise I'll go mad and started spanking them or yell at them, which is something that I find very difficult to control, and it's not the personality that I want them to watch and figure it's a normal thing in our house. Later no matter how much I scolded them or yelled at them, they would just ignore me. Teman harap teman dah buat yang terbaik dalam mendidik mereka, dengan ilmu yang tak seberapa ni dan berharap mereka membesar menjadi anak yang soleh & solehah, berjaya di dunia & akhirat, insya Allah..itulah doa teman hari2 lepas solat. Jiran teman dah kawin 3-4 tahun masih belum dapat anak, dan tadi dia beritahu bulan depan akan bercuti ke Australia dengan suaminya. My first thought was "wow, lucky her baru je tahun lepas bercuti ke France dan sekarang akan ke Australia". But on the other side, how would she feel seeing me playing with my two beautiful daughters outside our house and thinking "wow, lucky her, got to play with two beautiful kids when I don't even have one" So I guess life has its own way to satisfy oneself, you just have to see it on a positive side. Teman pun bukannya tak pernah bercuti dengan En lanun, every year mesti pergi Awana Kijal Terengganu, Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands dah naik 2x, eh merata juga lah dapat berjalan and it was even more memorable because we had fun together, me, my hubby and the kids.
Well, there goes my 100th post, hopefully there are more to come. Dengan broadband connection ni insya Allah takde masalah he he semoga post yang seterusnya ada lebih banyak cerita, mungkin cuma cerita2 kosong tapi itulah yang teman suka tulis dan bukannye ada org lain nak baca pun, cuma catatan buat diri teman sendiri utk ingatan di masa2 hadapan. Terima kasih kalau ada kawan2 yang sudi singgah sekali sekala tu, teman pun akan cuba singgah ke friendster korang ye :)
Ok time's up, it's bath time!