Pre-Anniversary Present

Look at what my dearest husband got me for our anniversary this coming 20th May- A running shoes :) actually I've started running a bit seeing that my unhealthy lifestyle has taking its toll- i'm gaining weight! sobsobsob so teman ajaklah en lanun temankan teman gi stadium & help me take care of the children while I trying hard jogging & doing exercises.sometimes they held a senamrobik at the stadium for public so I do that too. Anything to get my lazy bum working :) sadly it's only once a week, so now everyday after taking balqis to her school I changed into my exercise outfit,put on my new running shoes & (literally) running around my frontyard.haha ok not so encouraging but I did 25-30 rounds ok....after that doing jumping rope 100 times. Fuhhh berpeluh2 bagai nk rak tp best :)
So all this while I borrowed en lanun's training shoes which is not for running @ jogging coz it has rounded design,quite dangerous kalau tersilap langkah boleh terjatuh & tergeliat kt ankle tu. so en lanun ingat nk belikan masa anniversary kami tapi dia kata kalaulah teman tergeliat sebelum tu, dia akan menyesal sangat2 tu sbb dia belikan awal2 :) thnx for the present hon, will try to use it as frequent as I can! Promise! (confirm kena turunkan berat badan la kan hahahaha)
Remember, I havent been running for  so,so long that i couldnt remember when (yup, that long hehe) kt rumah pun xde treadmill, teman suggest kt en lanun inilah cara yg termurah (free infact hehe) & for half an hour I can concentrated only in myself. thank u syg for doing this for me :)
Now...what shall I got him for our anniversary?hmmm.....duit oh duit!