It's already the 5th day of hari raya, and I just have the time to check my email & write something here. Firstly, let me wish you all Selamat hari raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir batin.. Hope you got the cards I sent, and to those I didn't send, it must because I ran out of cards to send to you. This year it's my turn so I had the chance to helped my mother with the preparations, cooking & decorating the house amidst the chous with Balqis.
During the first day of hari raya as usual after performing the Aidilfitri prayer we gathered at the living room & asking forgiveness to each other. After that we went to my grandma's house, and then to 4-5 other houses- all of them are the 'must-go', meaning we went there every year. En Lanun, Balqis & me all wearing new clothes of the same color- maroon. After that we went back home, rest a bit and after Zohor we gent to my neighbours' houses. Since they all are my relatives so of courses have to go & bring En lanun so that they'll know my hubby & daughter. We have to be hurry because en lanun only have 2 days off, he have to go back to lumut to work. So we specified the first hari raya for my side and the next day for his side. He went back at 2 am and arrived safely at 6 am.
He came back yesterday and planned to complete visiting our relatives when he got one call from the ops room saying there's one ops today. Since he's already on his way back, he decided to come home first, and this morning after sending me to my folks home, he drove back to lumut at 8 am. Pity him.. I didn't go along since he'll go for a week sailing next tuesday.