Aa....saw that ticker I created for Balqis up there? it's free from lilypie.com so do visit that website if you wanted to create a cute reminder of ur children's birthday or to count your due date etc.
Took Balqis to the clinic for her monthly inspection. She's weighted 7.7 kg, and according to the nurse she's very healthy and gave me some tips how to prepare her meals, now that she's ready with solid food. I blended some rice with ikan bilis then I cooked it like the way we make porridge, adding some cooking oil to give it more flavour. But if I'm out of stock ( usually I blended a lot & keep it in the refrigerator for next time ) I'll just feed her nestum. So far she took her meal not seriously, I'm the one whom more excited than she is :) after 4-5 small spoonfed, she will reject them and cried so that I'll give up and breastfeeding her. It's better that none, because at this stage we just want to introduce her to different taste & teaching her to eat.