Finally, I'm home. Really, really home. Even when nobody could help me accompanying me & Balqis and help with the heavy luggages, even after I had to dragged the bags with this laptop on my back and Balqis on the other hand, I still felt relieved when I arrived infront of my house. Alhamdulillah...that's all I could say. After performing Subuh prayer ( it's already 6.20 am when I arrived ) I tried to sleep since I didn't have any sleep on the bus because Balqis was frequently awake with her little cries, must because of her upset stomach ( she hasn't poo for 6 days ) so I had to pick her up and breastfed her. I bought 2 seats, because she's grown up a lot and that way I can put her on the other seat without fussing so much with someone else. Plus I could put her after she's asleep ( I had a small pillow for her ). But sleep is impossible when you have little kid like Balqis. After trying for about an hour and when I almost closed my eyes, that's when she started to stirr up and opened her big, round shiny eyes looking at me. And I could almost hear her saying I'm hungry mummy, what we have for breakfast?. So I have to woke up, prepared her dish, bathed her, put nice clean clothes and play a little. My head was pounding like crazy, I didn't know what to do. All I want is to lay down and have a good rest and sleep. Impossible, as usual. The house is a mess, I hadn't unpack my bags, eveything just added a tonne to my head.
But that's yesterday. Today I feel better, no more headache, I've cleaned my house, the kitchen, restored my clothes & Balqis' neatly into our closet. So it's time to check on the internet and I saw that still no result of my job applications.
And I just found out that I'm pregnant. Don't know if that's good news or, I mean, of course it's good news, right? It's just that, I'm not expecting this right now. Haven't told En lanun yet. I thought I'm going to tell him in person. Can't wait for him to come home on 14th. Wish me the best, ya?


ira said...

it's still a good news btw... congratulations wann!! take a good care of yourself..