Haven't write in here for quite a long time. We have 2 laptops, one is En lanun's and the other is, well, his, but he got it from his office and seldom use it so I took charge of it. unfotch lately it has some problem with the screen, always gone blank and I couldn't see anything. So I have to share the other laptop with En lanun, I have to wait for him to come back from work if I wanna use it but usually by that time I will be engaged with other things and by the time I have spare time, it's usually my bedtime. That's why I kept postponing my post here, among other things.
Next month En lanun will attend a 3-months course at US. Guess I have to face the early phase of my pregnancy on my own. It's not so bad actually, but my most concerns right now is how to stop breastfeeding Balqis because it's not advisable for pregnant woman to breastfeed during her pregnancy. It's still early but if I don't start now I'm going to be in big trouble the next couple of months. I've tried give her 3 brands of milk but to no avail. I think the content of milk that I produced right now is not as much as before, partly because I don't feel 'fun' anymore whenever I fed her. can't blame her, she's so used to this routine for almost 15 months so to expect her to change and accept the new routine as fast as 2-3 days is quite impossible. I'll try some other methods, and hopefully she'll be able to understand that I'm just doing the best for her and my baby I carry inside of me.
A hearty congrats wishes from me to my friend Iera, take good care of urself anf ur baby. It's still in early stages, very important to screen ur foods. I think our due date is not that far. Maybe you can visit me at the hospital before you discharge from the hosp! :)