Lama teman x online. lebih 2 bulan rasanye. Banyak teman nak cerita but first & foremost, teman start dgn cerita bapa mertua teman. About 3 weeks ago en lanun got a msg from his sis saying his father was very sick. It's Monday, and he called me to tell the news & packed a few things as we are going back to Melaka to see how his father was doing. I thought we are going to be there for a few days but seeing that his father's condition was getting worse and worse, it dragged on for 2 weeks. We took him to the hospital, and at first the doctors didn't know what's wrong with him but later after further tests & scanning they concluded that my father in law was having a heart attack, a severe one that is. And seeing that there were nothing else they can do they released him after 4 days hospitalized. His condition was in no way to recovery, it's getting worse- he couldn't eat nor drink, barely opened his eyes, didn't speak at all, couldn't recognized any of his children, let alone anyone who came to visit him. And finally on 23rd Nov, Friday, he passed away with all his family all around him while - children & grandchildren & his wife - while they all were citing Quran & Yasin to him ( it's right after Maghrib prayer ). Kami dah cuba bacakan kalimah Laailahaillah even before that moment and we can only hope he managed to follow us in his heart ( coz he barely awake the last few days ) but everybody hears him saying 'Allah' before he drew his last breath. Moga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh nya, diampunkan dosanya & ditempatkan bersama- sama orang yang beriman... AlFatihah.

Kami semua redha dengan pemergiannya memandangkan beliau sudah sakit agak lama, dan ironinya kenduri kesyukuran atas sempena mak & babah akan pergi menunaikan haji yang dirancang pada 24hb bertukar menjadi kenduri arwah. Allah itu maha Mengetahui segala- galanya.. Oleh kerana arwah x dapat pegi maka mak mertua pun x dapat pegi, mungkin dah xde rezeki. Hari ahad teman & en lanun terpaksa balik ke perak kerana en lanun ada eksesais the next day, lagipun dah 2 minggu tinggal keje nak x nak terpaksa dipanggil bertugas juga kerana understaff. Kami yg sepatutnya ke Awana Kijal kerana kursus underwater escape yg wajib en lanun pegi tiap2 tahun terpaksa ditunda ke tahun depan. Arwah tengah sakit sgt masa tu, hari- hari en lanun tido kt hospital menemankan arwah ( he's the only son ).

I'm very much pregnant now, coming to my 8th month and soon i'm gonna due to give birth at approximately 26th Jan. I was abit worried before because at that time en lanun won't be at home- away at KK for a month and he wabted to send me back home to Melaka before he goes there by 19th Dec but I refused- that's like too long for me; about 5 weeks leaving my house. I know he's only thinking about me & the baby safetiness since there's nobody here to take care of me if I'm 2 weeks early and the most important thing is Balqis- where she's going to be and who's gonna take care of her. My neighbours are very nice though, they all offered to take care of Balqis if that's the case. But yesterday he said it's no problem anymore, coz he's not going to KK! I don't know how he did it, I just hope he won't get into trouble for delaying his task over there.

Right now he's away at LIMA Langkawi from Monday until Saturday. Good for him, just wish I could be there too. Takpelah, with my condition & Balqis I hardly can travel alone. Tunggulah after the baby is born nak ajak en lanun gi jln2...Pangkor pun x gi lagi ;p

btw, have i told you that i'm gonna get a baby girl this time ( again )? Yup. A girl. Well, as long as she's healthy and all, I wouldn't mind. Although a boy would be nicer :)

Hopefully the next one ;)