Un-BF, Day 3 & 4

Alhamdulillah dah masuk 5 hari teman memulakan misi un-BF ni. Nothing to be proud about this, I know some people prefer to bf their baby as long as possible but to me after 2 years, it's time to let go. So I'm just writing this as a memento, as a guide just incase someone asked me about it then I can just tell them to read this :) So he's still asking to nenen from time to time, but didnt refuse when I asked gently "nak masuk buaian x?mama buai ye" selalunya dia akan ikut je & another good news is, he finally warm up to having fm in bottle. alhamdulillah. Cuma kuantiti masih sedikit la, teman selalu buatkan guna botol kecik tu, dalam 2oz je. semalam buat 4oz, surprisingly habis! maybe he finally got the idea that he wont be getting asny milk from me any time soon so better take whatever my mom is offering hehe

But still he stirred up quite frequently at night so i've had sleepless night for almost 5 days in a row....it has taken its toll but am trying very hard to be as the usual me...terpaksalah kan, dengan anak2 kecil ni bukan boleh buat xtau je, baring2 xde buat apa. still kena buat semua house chores. Ingatkan en lanun balik weekend dptlh tolong apa2 yg patut but end up I got another 'baby' to be taking care along with the other 3 :) biasalah tu..balik hujung minggu nk berehat2 saja tau nye *sigh*

Anyway hopefully soon Zakwan will be able to sleep on his own sbb skrg bergantung sgt pada buaian. Since he doesnt like pacifier, susu botol minum sket2 je, so the only thing that can comfort him to sleep is the cradle. Maybe not to good for his backbone but he's a big boy now, I think it's not going to be a problem. Lagipun ini cuma transition phase..soon he'll move on and be like her sisters- kalau dh ngantuk tu kat mana2 pun bleh terlelap hehe

let's see how long he's gonna take to totally forget to ask nenen from me again :p


Ira said...

yayyy for zakwan! dah boleh la tu sikit2.. mula2 je mmg hazab sikit.. tp kang bg botol, nak kena wean off botol plak -___-; huhu..