Internet line is a bit slow this afternoon. It's a dial up, it's already good that it didn't dc frequently as it did it the past. Wanna write about something but didn't know what to write here :(

I never thought my old website still exist. Reading the entries make me remembered those old times ( well not so long ago, more like 2 years before ). Guess I missed those time when I had a job , datelines & that sort of thing. Now I had lived a domestic life, I felt so far left behind. *sigh* Guess I have to accept the fact that I'm never gonna have to work anymore. Saw one job ad yesterday for a general clerk for a computer shop. I know En lanun was a bit reluctant to let me try answered the ad.. Maybe he already feel comfortable with the condition right now- me staying at home managing everything. If I work maybe it will be a bit different. *sigh*


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