This new laptop is soooo slow, it's really killing me. En lanun said maybe its need to be formatted but reformatting a laptop is not as easy as with pc, so I heard. Anyway beggers can't be choosers so I just have to be more patient.
We just got back from kg yesterday. At first En lanun said maybe we don't have to go back this month but considering he's going away for 3 months so it's better to go back and meet his parents as well as mine. They all said I should stay back but thanks, no thanks. I'm more comfortable living in my own house even if it's only me and Balqis.
I had some difficulty to sign in to Yahoo mail and messenger, I don't know why. I thought it's only me but when I tried to login with En lanun's id the samething happened, wrong id or the password's not match. Maybe I'll try later.