2nd day. I took Balqis to the clinic and it almost 2 hours and a half when we finally settled everything- she got an MMR injection and cried about, 10 seconds. Alhamdulillah.. like I always said anak askar lah katakan =p I thought after that I might go pay some bills or paying the cars loan or something but after playing & walking all around the clinic for more than 2 hours, Balqis started to get edgy and refused to sit still in the car seat ( no more baby seat, it's a disaster trying to put her into it ) and wanted to get up and kept reaching for me. So I just drove straight home. Alhamdulillah so far she hasn't show any signs of fever or anything.
List of things to do for the next 12 days:
  • Pay all bills
  • finished painting the kitchen's window grill
  • repair my punjabi suit ( it's too long )
  • watched World Trade Centre cd ( the one with Nicholas Cage )
  • what else.. maybe washes the cars
  • shopping for Iera's wedding present

that's all? oohh...it's going to be a long, long 12 days...