Balqis fell from the stairs yesterday. I didn't know how because I wasn't there. I felt bad, but she's really a handful lately and I can't do anything whenever she wanted to climb the stairs but to stay behind her until she made it to the upstair ( I can't cheat by taking her all the way up, she'll wriggled and wanted to climb it herself ). I never leave her before but today I was cooking in the kitchen and I was afraid the rice will be 'hangit' so I left her for a few seconds. Then I heard a loud thud and she started to cry. I rushed to her and found her lying on the last stair with one hand at the rail and her face facing down. Her lower lip scratch a little bit, apart from that I didn't see anything else- she can walk and moves as usual. I picked her up slowly, then hugged her softly and soothed her and after 30 seconds she wanted to climb that stairs again. Can't believe it. Moral of the story- we should buy & installed that protective gate to prevent that incident from happening again. Yup, because it looks like she'll never learn from her experience at this stage.
Iera's wedding was yesterday. Can't wait for azie to upload her photos and tell me everything about the wedding I missed. Somehow I felt like I didn't try harder to be there. I don't know :(
En lanun's ship is docked at Kuantan yesterday for minor repairs and getting ready to sailed again for another week. Can't wait to see him next week..