Nowadays everything I eat will leave bad taste in my mouth-fish, chicken, squids, prawns, everything. I also have to be careful not to put too much of toothpaste when I brush my teeth or I'll go uwekk, uwekk and it's not very comfortable feeling. I guess it's coming to me, especially when I'm almost 12 weeks because I remembered when I was first pregnant with Balqis the nausea and uneasiness started just when I entered the 12th week and it continued almost 2 months. It went too bad until I couldn't drive to and back from work, I got dizzy everytime I enter the lift ( my office situated at the 11th floor, so you can imagine whenever I got out of the lift I'll go straight to the toilet to puke. I spent most of the time in the surau, my other 2 colleagues complained that they had to replaced me so many times when the user called for our help. And finally I quit. I guess it's not the smartest decision but it seems right at that time, En lanun too worried about me and asked me to move to Perak with him. That's how I got here, in the first place. But I guess if I didn't quit at that time I'll just have to do the same thing sooner or later, because just 9 months later our house was ready with the CF and everything. Plus I heard the company that bought our software had recently stop from using the software and our service is no longer needed there. I asked my x-colleague about it but he just answered it's all about politics and he just followed what my x-boss said to him. Pity him, now he's assigned to Kolej Islam at Kuala Sg Udang, that place was too far away ( I knew because i've been there before, working on their website and attending meetings with my x- boss ) but at least he still has a job.
I took Balqis to her 2nd last appointment last Wednesday and was suprised to find out that she had lost 700 gms from her last visit to the clinic. Now she weighted merely 8.9 kg. I noticed that lately she always wanted to eat by herself but the problem is, more food fell off to the floor than into her mouth and she refused to let me feed her. I also didn't make as much milk as I used to, that could be the other factor. But right now she has adjusted her tastebud :) and allow me to fed her with other spoon, and she still want to hold her own spoon. She also seems very much like the formula milk I bought for her. Now it's been more than 1 week she stop breastfeeding and so far she took the formula milk very well. Alhamdulillah.. Now I can have a much longer sleeping time, I have enough sleep and rest but it all might change soon, who knows. Kids. Just look at this picture below trying to wear my heel and walked around the house like she's so used to it.