this past week had been so hard for me. Balqis' fever and coughing got so bad, until I had to take her to the hospital @ 3.30 am because she's burning and I just so afraid something might happen to her if I should wait until morning. The medical assistant inserted the pill into her bottom and told me to come again at 9 am to check on her condition. She's still hot that morning and when I arrived they took some blood from her hand. Pity her, I had to hold her because she cried and trying to wiggle herself because of the pain. After one hour the result came in and the doctor said there's nothing wrong with her, which means no infection or dengue or something like that so he told me to take her home, give a lot of water and continue the medicine they prescribed. Alhamdulillah... I've already packed a few of her things just in case she had to be hospitalized. I myself was not very well until today with running nose and constant headache. My mom came all the way from Melaka because she's worried about our condition and me especially with my pregnancy.

Today she's getting better, the temperature had reduced but the coughing is still there. But I was more concern about her appetite because she hardly eat at all, no matter what I cooked for her. Before this she ate whatever I served her, and I suspected this might have someting to do with her gum. I think, her teeth are showing therefore the gum must be tender to allow the tooth to grow. And you know how painful that is. I just hope I can make it all easier and less painful for her.. right now she just got her nutrition from the formula milk, and that's the best she can do. I know it's not enough because her body already 'shrinking' and all my neighbour said she's too skinny now compared to her previous shape.

I just hope this will past quickly and she'll regain her self back because seeing her right now so hopelessly and weak, I just can't stand it like I can do nothing to help her. Cepatlah sembuh syg....sian mak tgk akish gitu...

just lying on the mattress..

trying to get rid of the bandage