Another week passed by. As usual En Lanun called yesterday for 3 minutes and Balqis took almost 2 minutes leaving me for a minute talking so fast like a jet plane. But it's ok just hearing his voice and to know that he's well is good enough, hopefully the ship that is scheduled to bring they all home for another 2 weeks will be repaired in time, insya Allah. My cousin and her husband came last Saturday from a biz trip at Bt Gajah and went home to JB yesterday morning so that's left me with the kids all alone, again. Rasa- rasa nak pergi Kamdar beli kain utk buat langsir bilik hujung tu. We just had the room painted pink- it's the girls' room, anyway- so the chocolate curtain that I made previously doesn't match the paint and the bed and other deco stuff I bought for the room- pink-purple clock with flowery pattern, pink mirror etc so it really needs to go down and be replaced with something that will go along with the theme. Kena tunggu En lanun baliklah, susah nak pilih kain kalau xde orang jaga budak-budak ni.