I'm a proud mother. ha ha. While En Lanun is away, I have 3 things that I would like to do- first, to quit breastfeeding Auni. Secondly, to stop using disposable diapers on Balqis and the last one is to teach Balqis at least to know her ABCs. Well, the first one is done- 2 days after he left I started, or rather, stopped giving Auni breastfeeding. And I've started wearing disposable diapers on Balqis a week ago and it's quite a disaster at first- she couldn't tell when she had to go and pee everywhere and poo 2-3 times around the house which I had to clean it right away to avoid further mess, no thanks to Auni. I managed to control my temper whenever she 'terlepas' because, well, she's been wearing that for 3 years so I had to cut her some slack. So yesterday while I was performing my Asar prayer I heard Balqis calling me and late I heard she's flushing the toilet and when I was done I went to see her and there she was, waiting for me so obidiently like she's never did before, saying " cptlah mama, akak berak ni. kakak x pandai ceboklah paip ni ketat sangat" ha ha I laughed and cleaned her, saying she's so good and promised to take her to the playground and ice cream afterward. So I am a proud mother, baru seminggu belajar dah x payah pakai pampers lg. Alhamdulillah...tapi teman masih pakaikan pampers waktu tido malam, just incase...haru jugak nak hilangkan 'rupa, bau & rasa' nye pada tilam yg mahal tu he he..