Since En lanun is away I have extra time to do what I used to love to do- reading. And you should see how many books En lanun bought for me when he went to UK & US last year and I haven't read most of them so I took this opportunity to read them One of the books that I just finish reading is One Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Husseini. Oh, it's so, so heart-wrenching but in a good way, about the struggle life in Afghanistan with all the wars and Taliban, the hunger and death. This gives me an idea to start my own book review, so that i can share my thoughts about the books I have read. but mind you i'm not in any way a professional or have any formal education about this, it's going to be just my personal opinion, nothing more nothing less. And I'm sooo excited about this, I have more than 100 books (mostly fictions) so expect something better from my blog after this :)