Alhamdulillah...Balqis has turned one year old last week, sorry I haven't got time to write sooner here. We had celebrated her birthday twice ( lucky girl ) once when we were at Melaka and the second one here at our own house at Manjung. Will upload the pictures on my fotopages ( as soon as after I could find the digital camera. Must have misplaced it somewhere in the house ).

But I wanna tell you about the special present she got just 2 days after she turned one- she got chicken pox! Poor my baby.. but I must say she's one tough baby ( anak askar lah katakan =p ) because despite all the uncomfortable feeling, the itchiness, the high fever, she still behaved like herself- active, playing like there's nothing wrong happened to her, merengek pun sket2 aje. Alhamdulillah.... taklah susah sangat nak menjaganya. She was supposed to have her one year immunisation last Monday but since she got the chicken pox, the doctor just gave her medicine and 2 weeks 'off' before she has to come back and had the injection done. Even the doctor said she's very cheerful for one patient who has chicken pox :) that's my girl!

Here's my girl Balqis with her birthday present from Abah. Happy birthday sayang..