At first I thought I wanna wait until En lanun come back so that he can wash the carpet but after yesterday, I guess I couldn't wait any longer. Balqis crashed the chocolate bread I bought her with a carrot ( I really didn't realized one of my carrot was missing ) and the bread went into pieces with the chocolate all smeared onto her clothes, her face, on the floor and she did it on the carpet! Ough, I was really pissed off but when she looked up at me with her dirty face & hands, saying 'Da, da' while pointing at the stain, well, I just gave up. So I made up some plans for today. I'll go buy breakfast and parked my kancil outside, after breakfast I planned to take the other car- wira - out for a ride around the neighbourhood just to make sure the engine running and the battery aren't dead, after that parked it outside too so that I can use the parking space to wash the carpet.

But unfotch, when it's time to turn on the wira, it sounded weird, a loud rattled noise coming from the engine department. Wow, that's not sound too good so I asked my neighbour's husband to look into it. Sure enough, he said it was the battery. Gosh, I was suprised because I just turn on the engine 2 days ago and suddenly today it went dead. That's what happened to dry batteries- they don't give you 'alarms' as when the power has decreased as with the wet battery. They just go, dead. Sudden death, as my neighbour put it. Never mind, I still wanna wash the carpet so I just use the empty space behind the wira, where I usually parked the kancil. It's not marbled, just cement, unlike the front part of the parking space. That's why I wanna used the marbled space, it's cleaner but I guess anywhere is good enough. Balqis helped along, of course. As long as there are water, she's always ready to help. More like playing, actually :)

So now the carpet is all clean, I think I don't wanna use it when Balqis is around, only lay it if someone is coming. It's really difficult to control whenever Balqis is around and eating and playing on the carpet. I have tried teaching her to eat at the table but she climb right on top of the table and that's very dangerous. So I just have to be patient and tried to discipline her more about keeping the house clean or at least, the carpet clean.

En lanun is not very well these past few days, coughing very badly and traces of blood when he spits. Hope he'll get better soon, kinda lonely being online here without him.