I haven't heard from En lanun for 2 days now, and it started to make me worried sick. He can't contact me because his account has been frozen since last week because the bill's almost rm600 and the minimum payment to open the line back is rm300 something. I wanna use the credit card but the payment centre at Manjung only receive cash. So he can't contact or sms me or even receive calls and sms. We usually talk to each other via YM or skype, but until today I haven't heard a word from him. Don't even reply my emails. I just prayed that nothing bad happened to him, maybe he's just too busy or going for a site visit where he can't use the computer or something like that. Right now it's 8.30 am Sunday over there, maybe he's still in bed sleeping, maybe I was being worried for nothing. I hope so. Don't wanna think the other way, or any other way.