last night I thought something was moving inside my stomach. But when I placed my hand over it, nothing happen. Then after a few minutes it happened again. I don't know if that's the baby or the muscle of my stomach cramping. Maybe it's just my imagination, I don't know. I still remember the first time Balqis kicked me, she also kicked her father, En lanun. How so? actually at that time we were watching the tv and he laid down with his head on my thigh, his head touching my stomach. Suddenly I felt something and we both looked at each other. I said to him, what's wrong with his head and he said no, he thought I was poking his head. And it happened again and we both realized it was the baby doing all that :) such a happy memory, I smiled whenever I think of it.

Got a phone call last week from someone I don't know. And what he told me was deeply troubled me yet I can't tell no one. A dangerous secret, I must say. But the truth is yet to come, I don't know if I can trust whatever he said just like that. I must find some prove before I get face to face with the doer.
The feeling is really, making me uneasy.