Couldn't sleep for 2 nights in a row. I don't know why, the first night I think it's because I had gas, I kept tossing left & right feeling uneasiness in my stomach. I rubbed some ointment to my legs, my stomach, my back, and massaged them to ease the wind, but to no avail. And I kept thinking that maybe, if en lanun were there with me, maybe I'll feel better though maybe he can't do anything much but the mere presence of him definitely makes me feel everything is better, easier & less painful. So I cried, like I wanna let go of everything that congested in my head, my mind, my heart. Finally at 4 am I lost the time, maybe I have fell into sleep at that time and when the phone rang at 6.15 am I woke up instantly and the pain in my head was undescribeable. I tried to stand slowly and performed Subuh prayer and groggily fell back onto my bed. Luckily Balqis still sleeping at that time. The 2nd night was just the same, but this time I felt the urged to pee all the time, even if I've just went for 2 minutes. I think it was the first sign that showed my sugar level is high, just like during my first pregnancy. So I went to the toilet and the moment I went back to my bed, I felt the urge again. And again. I think I have to see a doctor soon about this.
I hope time passes quickly, for I didn't how long I can take this anymore. One of my friend advised me to go back to Melaka because with my condition, it's better if my family are around me to take care of me if anything happen. But I've already told her why I don't want to do that and I hope she understand.
Have I told you I've formatted this laptop? Now I can surf the net & do my things with so much ease, I don't ever think I wanna parted with it. But of coz I have to wait until Balqis sleep because whenever she sees me with my laptop, the first thing she will do is point at the on/off button and pling! The laptop went off and all my works lost in the space :)