's the 3rd day fasting and surprisingly, I feel like ok, not like what I thought I'd be- feeling hungry or exhausted and laying all day. Berkat makan kurma agaknya. En Lanun never wake up for bersahur so I just woke him 5 minitutes before azan & forced him to eat at least one kurma & a glass of water. The wether also very good- sometimes it's raining, cold & windy. Hopefully this will continue until the end of Ramadhan ( though I doubt it- usually in the last week it's always hot ).
En Lanun was hoping to get the 2nd leave for Hari Raya- which means we'll celebrate 1st day of Hari Raya here in Manjung and on the 2nd day we can go back to kampung for the next 7 days. If we got the 1st leave, we only have 1 1/2 days to celebrate Hari Raya, and it's simply not enough because we both are from Melaka, and we combine our relatives, two days are simply not enough. But it looks like we are getting the 1st leave so guess we'll have to wait & see.
Actually 3-4 days ago our car was being jacked by someone. Nothing was taken except coins. At 12.00 am Balqis woke up & cried because she had gases in her stomach so I took her for a walk ( inside the house laa ) and then when I looked out of the window, I realized that the lamp in the car was lighted up. I was feeling uneasy so I out Balqis back in her craddle and went outside to investigate. Sure enough, both doors were not closed as it supposed to be, that's why the lamp was lighted. And the box inside the dashboard was opened, all the things inside spilled onto the passenger sit. I closed back the door and make sure I clicked the alarm on, go straight back into the house. Thank Allah nothing much worth to steal from it, and thank Allah that stupid guy doesn't know how to start the car or took the car radio.