Am soooo addicted to the Internet! Before you say anything let me tell you why I said that. Before this I had unlimited resources to the internet from where I worked. When I quite my job I moved to Sitiawan and we didn't have a phone line, therefore my surfing activities is limited to weekends. That's when I'm pregnant. After that a few months I delivered my baby, I don't have much opportunity to surf the net unless Mr lanun came home and bring the laptop (mom didn't allow me to sit on the chair too long to use my desktop ). After that we moved again to our new house at Manjung and we thought maybe we don't need to install a phone line since we both have our handphone. WRONG!! Because this time I only get the chance to surf & checked my email once a month! That's when we go balik kampung and use the phone line there. How pathetic. And sometimes I don't even have time to surf with Balqis and everything.
That's why I almost jumped when one Friday ( 2 weeks ago ) Mr lanun came back from his office and said get ready, let's go to TMPoint and apply for a line. Am sooo happy!!! :) The process is pretty easy and she said it'll be installed within 24 hours. Yeah right. We had to wait for 36 hours until Monday for the contractor to come. But with a reasonable reason, it's ok.
So now I had to change my daily schedule. Yup, with babies in the house, you need to follow a routine so that you can do everything accordingly or else, you won't even have time to bath or eat. Trust me, I'm living it.
It's finally Friday. En lanun's sister is helding a feast this Sunday at her house in Putrajaya, unfotch we couldn't come because he's on duty this weekend. Sorry sis, hope everything's going according to plan.