Yesterday lanun had to work- he had one sortie so he went for work at 9.30 am and came back two hours later. When he entered the house and looked at me, he noticed something in my right eye. When he looked a little closer he said there're blood in my white eyes. Gosh, I was so afraid because even though I didn't feel anything strange, but when I looked at it in the mirror, it looked pretty bad. Seems like my upper eyes ( the one covered by my upper lid ) was stucked out a little, therefore it's bleeding and the blood didn't come out, it was spreading in my eyes. Thank Allah it wasn't my kornea, otherwise I might lose my eyesight. En lanun took me straight to the clinic, and the doctor said it's nothing serious, she'll give me eyesdrop to drain the blood and antibiotic.
Until today nothing much change with my eye. I hope it'll get better soon. The sight of it is pretty scary. Had the picture of it and I'll try to upload it here. See..?