Thank Allah, this morning Telekom's contractor came and installed the phone line. Actually we had registered last friday and the clerk said it'll be installed within 24 hours. It's already 3.30 pm by that time, so we understand if they couldn't make it that day. We expected they will come on Saturday, but they didn't. Sunday, off day, of course. So finally they came this morning.. he said they were supposed to come on Saturday but it was raining heavily, not safe to do wiring. I just nodded in agreement as long as he finished installed the phone line ASAP. But after he finished I couldn't use it straight away- I have to wait for a call from Telekom operator to confirm everything is ok. And then I have wait another one hour before I could make any call. Oh, waiting is so painful! But so worth it :)
So now that the line is ok,I just couldn't any seconds to use it! What else, surf the Net la... Hak hak... we won't be using this line for calling but only for surfing the internet. Since we couldn't go to the cc anymore with Balqis, she's sooo naughty & took anything infront of her & stuffed it into her mouth. Half of my Astroguide cover was torn by her, chewing it like bubble gum :)
Looking at her now, I think she's the most amazing thing ever happen to me. Her development is quite fast now, it's like she has grown a lot when ever I set my eyes off her. She just learnt to move her body, but instead of going forth, she's actually going back! It's really annoyed her especially when her toys fell infront of her and she tried to reached it back but couldn't so she screamed loudly so that I will come and helped her. After that she plays happily like nothing happen. It's so fascinating seeing her like that... The only problem we face now is, she's not too friendly with strangers, and everybody is stranger except for me & En lanun. 24 jam ngadap muka mak dia so bila ada org lain dia x nak, nangis2 gitu. Abah dia pun dia x berapa nak, kalau time memasak tu mesti nak dokong dia dok kat pintu dapur tu. Apa org kata, kalau x dapat sentuh tgk muka mak dia pun jadi le =P
Semalam adik sepupu aku konvo UUM. Dia konvo sesi ptg, so aku ajaklah dia tido sini sbb nak balik melaka malam2 tu mmg penatlah, tambah2 sekarang ni musim hujan. Mula- mula dia kata x jadi tapi dah last2 tu dtg jgk. Pkl 2.30 pg dia sampai kat Sitiawan, en Lanun datang gi amik diaorg satu kereta. Seronok je dgr dia cerita kisah dia konvo. Teringat 4 thn lepas ( iskk.. was it that long ago? ) masa aku konvo. Dahlah aku extend setahun ( which means, all my friends has already graduated a year before ), only one of them could make it to my graduation ( thnx Yus & Ayie ), en Lanun plak tgh belayar masa tu ( but still remembered to send a congratulation card, thnx hon! ) and to make it worse mak sakit masa tu.. kena demam denggi. Apa nak buat, nasib baik adik aku ikut sama boleh lah tolong2 amikkan gambar.