Am writing this entry with Balqis on my lap, trying to reach the mouse and hitting the keyboard and putting the wire into her mouth. Been trying to make her sleep but she just refuse to- keep mumbling something and playing with her lips like saying " I wanna play lah mak ". Ok...but stop hitting the keyboard, ok baby? :)

Yesterday at about 2 pm a Chinese man stood infront of my house ( outside the gate ) and greeted me like this - " Selamat ptg abang kakak... maaf ganggu sebentar.." and keep repeating this about 10 times. I was inside with Balqis, peeping from the windows. After not getting any responsed, he did something I didn't expect- he opened my gate and stepped infront of my door. Gosh. Maybe he knew someone was inside because the windows are opened. And then this is the time Balqis started to cry because her toy fell and she couldn't reach for it. And somehow he saw me behind my day-curtains. Great. I had a very, very bad experience with people like this so I was kinda phobia when he introduced himself and started asking me questions like what brand I used to wash clothes, etc etc. After that he gave me a small angpow and asked to opened it. I knew what I should expect inside so I just opened it quickly and get a big "THANK YOU" inside. After that I quickly dismissed him. When my hubby came back from work later that evening, I told him about it and decided maybe we should chained our gate. It's the only thing we can do to avoid this tihng from happen again. So today after he went to work I chained the gate. Felt a bit uneasy, like I was trapped and prisoned in my own house. But then again it's crucial for the safetiness of our family.
Oh. Balqis just vomited to my shirt. Let me changed first and I'll continue writing this entry. Have a nice day, btw.