Idea Oh Ikea

Well, it ryhmes, right? maybe that's how the owner got the idea to give the brand that name, just switch 'd' with 'k' and there you have it, Ikea! Hmm merapu saje :p teman sbnrnye sukaaaa sgt tgk katalog Ikea ni...sejak2 adik teman keje kt tv3 mmg dkt dgn Ikea (maybe not the big showroom mcm kt dalam rancangan 2 Jiwa 1 Hati Astro tu) tp cukuplah tu...asal masuk thn baru mesti suruh dia gi amikkan katalog heheh menjamu mata jadi of the item that I really like is this hand-woven rattan basket known as Byholma basket. Oh, it will fit my magazines collection perfectly. It would be better if it has a lid but it's so cheap (RM26) so it's so affordable and I can't wait for my brother to moved into his new house at Puncak Alam so that we all can go visit him and then MAKE him take me to Ikea! hahahah (En lanun won't like this at all but I don't care! hahaha I  must go! I must go, ok?) for those who live within KL area must not understand what's this fuss I'm making but I'll tell you one thing, when you live in a place so remotely like mine, you wouldn't last a week. Ya. In my mind all good thing is in KL. Except the heavy traffic. Ahaks. I know it's killing you guys coz in here everywhere is just within 5-minutes driving, or 10 minutes, tops. That's the only good thing here. *sigh* maybe I don't know what I want but I do know one thing- I want to buy this Byholma basket!yeah! 
Byholma Basket