What Woman Want

Actually this is not referring to me-I'm writing this as a favor to my friend Fairullah who made a contest to suggest what he should give to her wife for her birthday coming soon. So, here's my suggestion. since she has just gave birth & soon will go back to work, why not buy her a beautiful blouse like this picture so that she can look forward to go back to work, right? you can purchase this one online at Khazis Boutique, senang aje. pastu tu diserikan pulak dgn aksesori mcm gelang bronze ni @ rantai wah mesti dia sukaaa :) so hope you'll like my suggestion...

pssst...birthday kek jgn lupa plak ye heheh


dya jasni~ said...

great idea. oh might be he could complete it with a set of brooch. Ewah! satu set! Hahaha :D

ribbit said...

ala nadia org lain bg suggestion lg best2 e.g alat mengurut ogawa lah, etc. kalah la mcm ini...tp xpe suka2..

fAiRuLLaH's de GrEaT! said...

thanks wan atas support dan cadangan idea yang bernas tu.. hehehehhe... insya allah, dalam pertimbangan aku.. tqvm

Anonymous said...

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